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It's a beautiful sunny Saturday and after a big night of celebrating my partners birthday I opted for a comfy casual look around this amazing Sistaco scarab necklace. The tunic was a purchase I made some time ago and like most things has sat in my wardrobe just waiting for the perfect moment to be worn. My gladiator fringing sandals were custom designed and made in Bali a few years ago and have been such a great investment piece. The light colour means they go with everything and being wider gives any outfit that bit of pizzazz - and who doesn't want that?! Dress | Millers Sandals | Custom Made Panama Hat | Rubi Shoes Necklace | Sistaco


The socks with shoes trend has been around with decades, and like most trends has come back in style with a vengeance. In fact this has been going for about 6 months now and I don't see it going away any time soon. Whether you are wearing a pair of frilly lace ankle socks or grey woolly mid length socks - mismatch them with sandals, or wear them with your favourite red points. Anything goes!


Photographer | Terry Richardson Miley Cyrus Watching a celebrity grow up is a strange thing, we watch them, talk about them and feel like we know them and as a result judge them accordingly. Miley is doing just that, growing up and this latest shoot with Terry Richardson, on top of her latest singles is just showing us the woman she is turning into. No holds barred, doesn't give a shit, tattoo covered, smoking singer in her early twenties - nothing to be overly shocked about. I love this shoot! Simple and Sexy xx


Image   Welcome to my wardrobe..... I was invited to participate in the ultimate style challenge with in a game of Wardrobe Bingo. Simply put, I had to select 5 items from the following categories - bottoms, tops, accessories and shoes.  It was a lot harder than I thought to select 5 items as I have a lot of the same thing and a lot of the same colour i.e cut offs, trackies, muscle tees and my dominant colour being black.  I do find however that I tend to wear the same combination with my current wardrobe, although getting new additions daily does alleviate this issue. What's the saying you wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time?! 1-5 | Just Jeans, Supre, DIY Supre, SES, Ally Fashion 1-5 | Ice Design, Willow, Ally Fashion, DIY Mack Truck Australia, Carrara Markets 1-5 | Dotti, Zoe Wittner, Zu Shoes, Novo Shoes, KMart 1-5 | Diva, ? , Diva, Ebay, City Beach The first BINGO numbers I pulled created LOOK 1 which was a combination


I've always been a fan of Rihanna's carefree "wear what you want" swagger style, but I absolutely fell in love with the fishnet shorts she wore in June to perform live during the BBC Radio 1 Hackney Weekend in London. So after a bit of internet stalking I found a pair of Jonathan Aston Fishnet Shorts (same as above) which are now sold out. However you can find a similar pair HERE These fishnet shorts feel like you're wearing nothing at all - so if you're wearing a tee, i definitely suggest wearing boyleg shorts as opposed to a thong if you have an ounce of class lol. Shirt | Ice Design Clutch | Typo Rihanna Photography | Amelia Jane's Photography