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I was invited to participate in the ultimate style challenge with in a game of Wardrobe Bingo. Simply put, I had to select 5 items from the following categories - bottoms, tops, accessories and shoes. 

It was a lot harder than I thought to select 5 items as I have a lot of the same thing and a lot of the same colour i.e cut offs, trackies, muscle tees and my dominant colour being black. 

I do find however that I tend to wear the same combination with my current wardrobe, although getting new additions daily does alleviate this issue. What's the saying you wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time?!
1-5 | Just Jeans, Supre, DIY Supre, SES, Ally Fashion

1-5 | Ice Design, Willow, Ally Fashion, DIY Mack Truck Australia, Carrara Markets

1-5 | Dotti, Zoe Wittner, Zu Shoes, Novo Shoes, KMart

1-5 | Diva, ? , Diva, Ebay, City Beach
The first BINGO numbers I pulled created LOOK 1 which was a combination never worn and I'm actually kind of digging it! The snapback I'm yet to wear, but  with this outfit it works. The red glitter heels gives it that feminine touch.


LOL my bunny ears. I have to be honest when the second BINGO drew the following look, including my bunny ears I was pretty happy.I love them but I never get to wear them... Occasionally I'll be lucky enough to include them in an editorial I'm styling, but otherwise the little lace cuties are tucked away. 
This outfit is actually super cute. The lace shorts I've never worn but fell in love with them when I found them - total bargain at SES under $20 from memory. My fave ever neon coral (poor lighting) stilettos - LOVE.

This outfit rocks !


Photography | Amelia Jane's Photography

I was a little worried as to how this would turn out but I'm surprised I discovered two hot new looks from my current wardrobe purely by playing this game!

I might start doing this every week to keep my style fresh - thanks lol 

It did make me realise that I don't have a large variety of tops, and the majority of my clothing would be what you would consider "casual" with only two dresses!!!

An accessories closet to die for, yes, I admit I have an excessive number of shoes, clutches and bags. Enough jewellery to start a Diva franchise and if I wanted to wear a different pair of shoes every day for 3 months I could.

Great game, had heaps of fun.


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