Last Sunday on my vist to The Village Markets at Burleigh Heads I was lucky enough to meet Arabella the incredibly talented designer behind the shoe label SHUESHUE and chat to her about her love of shoes, her killer "Split Personality" and her involvement in a funky new event launching tomorrow night in Main Beach... See what this stylist had to say xx

How did SHUESHUE come about? Have you found it challenging entering the shoe market?
I moved to Hong Kong mid 2011 seeking to create an online home dedicated to ladies who, like me, have a ridiculous obsession with shoes. So far it has been great and challenging which I definitely enjoy. Competition is a killer and that can bring you down sometimes, but you just got to ‘keep on keepin’ on’. My support is incredible. I am so lucky to have the best friends and family who constantly remind why I am doing this.

How long has SHUESHUE been going? And a little bit of your background.
SHUESHUE was born last December. After a lifetime of developing an extensive collection of shoes, I figured it was time I started making my own.
Prior to creating this shoe brand, I have spent the last few years focusing on fashion styling, personal shopping and wardrobe devising. Which is still my passion and I still manage to do when SHUEHSUE gives me a little breathing space. 
Styling competes for the number one spot with my love for shoes and this brand.

“Split Personality” is similar to the Christian Louboutin Rollerball Stud - Where do you get your inspiration from?
I think all designers draw inspiration from each other. I guess you could say they are similar, however the spike is different and totally fiercer. The leather is softer and more comfortable to wear, and a quarter of the price, it seems customers can enjoy the look affordably.
What’s next?
I am currently working on producing a full range of ladies shoes consisting of loafers, brogues, heels, sneakers and much more. I also see SHUESHUE developing accessories and possibly a basics range one day.

How have you found the response to your shoes?
I have been solely promoting SHUESHUE through social media so the response has been very flattering. It is extremely hard and nerve wracking putting yourself out into the blogging and social media world, however people have been very kind to me thus far.

You have a fabulous event this Saturday that you’re sponsoring, what can we expect? Is this the first of many?
I am SO excited for this event and for SHUESHUE to be involved. This is the launch of ‘CHEEKY CHIC’, so the event will take place every few months.
Apart from fabulous cocktails, a great crowd and live music, there will be a fashion presentation by SHUESHUE, Cubic Collective and Something (Pro)found. 
The response has been crazy, more then we initially expected. Which is a great indication we can move forward with the event.
If all goes to plan, hopefully by the next event I will be able to showcase the new SHUESHUE range.

How can people buy your shoes?
At the moment SHUESHUE can be purchased through the online home I’ll be in a better position to stock to retailers once the range is complete.
SHUESHUE can be purchased for $77 all of July to support Dry July and a proceed will be going to the fund.

What trends this season are you in love with at the moment?
I am so into skinny strappy stilettos at the moment and pointy toe sky highs. The higher the better! I really love a shoe that starts a conversation.
I still don't mind a platform and loving neon and pastel hues, and deep berry tones. I dig  Isabel Marant Perkins, but who doesn't? Oh and anything by Beau Coops. I am obsessed!

What are you wearing today?
Today I am rocking the Rouge ‘Split Personality’ spike loafer. After all, I am trying to be a walking advertisement.
Rouge shueshue, j brand jeans, zara shirt, vintage jacket, something (pro)found necklace, celine bag

Well if these shoes are anything to go by, I can't wait to see what Arabella has in store for us next... I'm not usually a loafer fan, but I think I may need to get myself a pair of these just for WOW factor and of course for when SHUESHUE goes global which i'm sure it will. Hmmm hardest decision is which colour....

Stay tuned xx


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