When did Amore & Sorvete first launch?
Amore & Sorvete was launched on the February 1st, 2009.

Who is the designer behind A & S?
I started Amore & Sorvete when I was 21 years old after working full-time in a completely different industry. I realised quickly that my love and passion for swimwear, designing and beach culture meant  designing swimwear was what I was born to do! I quit my job and moved to Bali to work full time on developing my brand. Within three years I opened two stores, showcased at Miami Swim Show and secured a number of big online stockists including ASOS, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Shopbop, to name a few. I love what I do and wouldn't change my job for the world!

What was your concept behind A & S?
The concept behind Amore & Sorvete  was to create a swimwear brand for young to middle- aged women that made them feel sexy, confident and comfortable.  It's also important to me that Amore has a point-of-difference to other swimwear brands on the beach and is simply an amazing, quality product that makes women want to come back for more.

Who are your designer icons?
I love buying and supporting Australian designers such as Camilla, Zimmermann, Alice McCall, Nicholas, Camilla & Marc and my best friend's label Poppy Lissiman. I love any brand producing  high-quality fare which is pretty, feminine and fun. 

Favourite holiday destination?
My favourite holiday overseas destination is definitely New York. I think it has such the most incredible vibe; it's like nowhere else I have ever been before.
If it was for a relaxing holiday, though, I would have to say somewhere local, along the coast! I think Western Australia (my home state) has the best beaches in the world. No matter where I have travelled, I've never seen a beach better than my local beach, but I would love to explore the French Polynesia as their beaches look possibly just as good!

What do you want from Santa this year?
I would LOVE another Camilla jumpsuit. I do already have two from her latest collection but I just know I'll live in them all summer round! I also love summer essentials such as pawpaw, coconut body butter, sunscreen, beach towels,  and summer PJ's. 

Frankie - Pink Birds Of Paradise (RRP $170)

Elle - Multi Kaleidoscope (RRP $160)

Sissy - Multi Kaleidoscope (RRP $240) 
Elena - Mint Floral (RRP $210) 


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