As a plus size blogger and stylist, it was music to my ears this morning to hear that Best & Less have set the benchmark by launching their new One Price Fits all collection.

The whole concept of "Plus size" has always been a battle, to think that in the industry a size 10 is now classified as a Plus size is absolutely astounding - but that's an entirely separate debate that I won't get into here. It's no secret that the average women in Australia is a size 14-16, so why-oh-why aren't the average retailer or designer catering to the average shopper? And looking at the image above both women look healthy, both women look beautiful and it's not as if there is visibly a huge difference in fabric being used to make either outfits right?! 

Yet for some reason, designers and retailers have felt the need to charge "plus size" on average an extra 20% more than traditional sizes.

This summer, everyone can look good and feel great – regardless of age, size or budget, with the One Price Fits All collection from Best & Less.
Best & Less believe that every woman should be able to embrace her figure and celebrate the female form in all sizes, for the same price. Traditionally, featured pieces from each collection are not available in the plus size ranges and if they are, they are more expensive. With the One Price Fits All collection, the price is the same regardless of size.
Best & Less are celebrating a brand new look and feel with a fashion forward women’s wear collection that’s available in a full size range, for the same low prices. Embracing the message that size is just a number and not a measure of your beauty, Best & Less want every woman to look good and feel great with their latest collection.

The One Price Fits All range features new styles, fabrics and a new design ethos for Best & Less. This summer, think classic cuts in forever-stylish monochrome stripes, pencil skirts and form fitting dresses with hints of lime, for a fresh take on work wear. Elegant details such as jewelled necklines and satin trims add understated glamour to tunics and tanks for effortless evening wear, while printed tops and colourful florals are perfect for a chic yet casual look.
The One Price Fits All campaign is a celebration of fashion and femininity, featuring two equally gorgeous, yet totally unique models who flaunt the new summer collection with attitude and vibrancy. They epitomise the Best & Less woman who is bursting with energy and confidence, recognising that great style does not have to come at a great price.

Through this distinct and engaging campaign, Best & Less are embracing their new fashion focused direction.
All pieces are available in the full size range of 8-26 and everything in the collection is priced at $30 or under!

To locate you nearest store or to view the latest catalogue visit: 


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