For years I've always been told how lucky I was to have such good skin. And for years I always blew the compliments off with a casual thank you.

As I get older, I now cherish those compliments knowing how lucky I actually am. 

Catching up with family, specifically the older generations I realise that it's all in the genes.

My 85 year old grandfather doesn't look a day over 70, his younger sister who turned 70 this year looks barely 55 and my mum, who probably won't want me revealing her age haha is looking the best she has in years (in fact most people think she's lying when she reveals she has a 34 year old daughter!).

I am blessed with the obviously magic youth genes from my mothers side but also the genes from my fathers side which carries the Native American heritage - which I believe are forever youthful. Most people think i'm in my mid-late 20's and i'm happy with that ;-)

Everyone is different, so I thought I would share my daily skin care regime with you all.

1. ModelsPrefer Mousse away | This is my daily facial wash, soft and gentle but great for washing off make up. I've always preferred foaming facial cleansers and after discovering this at Priceline it's an all time fave. Lasts forever and is paraben free - oh and it has a great smell to it too!

2. nvey eco Moisturising Creme | A super light weight moisturiser aimed to calm the skin while improving it on a cellular level. Sounds strange, but you can actually feel it working when you first apply it. Love this product.

3. Toofaced Wrinkle Injection | A friend of mine got me on to this a few years ago and it is botox in a tube. Apply it before foundation and powders etc to soften the appearance of lines (which of course I don't have, cough cough) and boosts collagen production. Psst great little secret this one.

4. Silk Pure Argan Oil by Oil of Morocco | This is a great all round skin product for face and body if you have any dry patches. Also great for sunburn, stretch marks, and helps even out skin tone. I use this as a night mask sometimes and smother it on my face, wake up and my skin feels like a baby's bottom - supple, even skin tone and so smooth.

5. Swisse Women's Ultivite | If you're not taking a daily women's multi vitamin, you're crazy. Today's food simply can't give us the nutritional requirements that we need in this busy world we live in to maintain general health and wellbeing, so get on it! You'll thank yourself.

6. Chapstick Collection | Chapstick has been loving lips for over 100 years, and this cute little collector tin has three Chapsticks - apple, strawberry and classic SPF 15. Perfect to keep my pout perfect.

I hope this helps xx


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