Loving all things fashion, food and fun, I have to be honest I do get a bit excited when I discover a new product that is a) good for me and b) delicious and/or beautiful and c) something I believe in!

Dim Sum & Co offers a delicious selection of Spring Rolls, BBQ Buns, Dumplings and Sui Mei. The range is Australian made using premium ingredients with NO MSG. With easy to prepare instructions, you can eat yum cha at home every day.

And the kicker, they come with everything you need to make it in the comfort of your own home - how good does it get!!

I was lucky enough to sample them all and I can tell you, they are all amazing. Flavoursome, fresh and easy to cook. And honestly, I'm soooo not domesticated in the kitchen AT ALL. So these products are great for me, being so busy and working from home, being on the go all the time.

For the purposes of this review, I've selected to show you the yummy and fresh Chicken and Water Chestnut Sui Mei.

Peel back the plastic covering and fill the plastic cup with water
Fill the hole with the plastic cup of water, cover with cling wrap and microwave on high for 2-3 mins.
Voila - delicious tasty treats. It really is that simple. I've served them with soy sauce here (of course lol)
Full of flavour and super easy to cook. I can't believe these are so LOW IN FAT!! They were tender, moist (but not soggy) and smelled AMAZING.

YUM! Definitely adding to the shopping list.

Great size portion for lunch and surprisingly they actually filled me up until dinner.

Chicken and Water Chestnut Sui Mei (6)
Energy    458kj per 100g
Protein    9.9g  per 100g
Total Fat  1.5g  per 100g
Carbs     12.7g  per 100g
Sugars      1.1g per 100g
Sodium    120g per 100g

For stockists check the website.


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