This Thursday evening, I will be one of the lucky few to be attending the exclusive screening of "Uncovering the Brisbane Look". 

QueensPlaza in association with Mercedes-Benz Brisbane is launching an inspiring documentary film to celebrate Brisbane's style at the GoMA.

Former Vogue Editor, Kirstie Clements narrates the film and plays the role as Executive Producer while it looks at it's creativity, passion and everything that draws us in about Brisbane's thriving fashion industry.

Style heavyweights interviewed especially for the film include Easton Pearson's Lydia Pearson, Sass and Bide's Heidi Middleton, and Nicky and Simone Zimmermann.

The public launch will take place on Monday 3 March.

I got the chance to have a quick chat to Stylist Josh Jones who was involved with the project about what he had to say...

Josh Jones
How did you get involved with “Uncovering the Brisbane Look” and what was your role?
I was lucky enough to be approached by QueensPlaza early on to discuss what the options were for the project. I immediately saw the vision and wanted to be involved as much as possible. Besides being filmed for 'Uncovering the Brisbane Look', I was able to help the very capable team with bits of 'inside news' that I knew was happening at the time or fabulous people that could be involved. It is a very exciting project and something that hasn't been done before to this level, and I was happy to do anything I could to help.

2.        It’s no secret that Brisbane doesn’t have the same “worldly” impact in fashion as the likes of Sydney and Melbourne. Why do you think this is and do you think this is changing?
I wouldn't say that Brisbane doesn't have the 'worldly' impact that other cities do, however we do have a smaller population than those mentioned, and we are a lot younger in terms of having the resources in fashion that other cities do. This has changed a lot over the years and will continue to, as more retailers move to Brisbane, some of the best fashion schools in Australia are now based here, more people are open to options of dressing and trail blazers pop up more and more, making it the 'norm' rather than something 'weird' to put effort into dressing.
I also think as a city in general we are changing, which affects fashion too. People are doing interesting things in the theatre scene, art scene, restaurants and retail. The more people that invest in this city the more there is on offer. I feel that in the past a lot of people felt they needed to take their creativity to bigger cities where they would be 'understood', that certainly isn't the case any more and in fact, people are proud to be based here, and proud of being a cog in the wheel of excitingness that will transform Brisbane for years to come.

3.       You’re best known for your role as GM for luxury boutique Jean Brown, but have now turned freelance with your own consultancy business. Tell me a little about that, the services you offer etc.    
I took a lot from my years at Jean Brown and am so grateful for having a marvellous career there that taught me a lot. I have taken a lot of that and now consult on an array of projects. There isn't anything limiting me at the moment on the projects that I take on, as long as I'm having fun! Most of my time is now spent working with commercial and private clients- styling, consulting on retail projects, luxury lifestyle consulting, and working on brand and experience with companies, with a focus on luxury.

4.       Are you excited about the premiere of “Uncovering the Brisbane Look”, and what do you hope will be achieved by the this documentary?
I am super excited for the premiere of 'Uncovering the Brisbane Look'!!! I just have to find something to wear and then get through watching myself 7 foot high! I am hoping that the documentary will open up the eyes of people, giving them an insight into a great community in Brisbane that loves fashion, invest a lot of their lives into fashion and are caring, fun and fabulous people. QueensPlaza took the amazing steps to complete this and show people that Fashion shouldn't be a scary word, and I'm sure that people will be able to walk away from the film realising that.

5.       Lastly, how do you define Brisbane style?

You will have to wait and see in the film! No… generally I don't have a definition for Brisbane style. We are influenced by climate, however a lot of people interpret that differently, for example though colour and fabric choices, but this isn't as limiting as some may think. I do think we are still growing and testing different styles, which means there can be no definition… although this will be the beauty of the film, everyone will be able to make their own mind up about what it is, and how they can help achieve it!


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