It was a beautiful Saturday, so I spent the day in and out of the pool relaxing and taking in the emotional week of my big "reveal". I'd been so stressed in the lead up to the decision to open up and talk about my Bipolar Disorder as I realised there were potentially going to be both positive and negative consequences as I had no idea how people would react. 

People judge what they don't understand. There has been some silence from people who I thought were my friends, but I have the strength to know that I didn't do this for applause or for any other reason than to free myself from the chains of holding in a secret that had bound me for so long. I also wanted to educate and to help reduce the stigma.

Making sure I relax and take it easy now is crucial, as I am at a phase that has potential to develop into manic behaviour that could potentially turn into an episode. I am so very aware of my moods, my sleep patterns, speech and thought processes. So many things to monitor. 

Enjoying the water and the sun was fabulous, and zipping between the pool and my townhouse I was wearing a Liz Jordan leopard print pleated skirt and a bandeau bikini made in Bali. 

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