Confused Curls by NV Design Studio

Confused Curls - styled by Carly @ NV Design Studio

Step 1:

Start with clean wet hair. Towel Dry. Prep root area with Redken Guts 10.

Step 2:

Blast dry using fingers with hair dryer.

Step 3:

Separate hair into bricked sections spraying with Redken Spray Starch 15.

Step 4: 

Taking medium sections ribbon hair 180 degrees using GHD Stylers glide down 6cm then ribbon back 180 degrees. Repeat down length of hair until end.

Step 5:

Use fingers to separate and mess up curl then set with Redken Wax Blast 10 to add texture.

Step 6:

Rock it! Work it! Love it!

Redken Starch 15 $27.00
Redken Guts $32.95
Redken Wax Blast $29.95

All products available at NV Design Studio

130 Scarborough Street, Southport
5528 5844

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