Warming up with whirlybirds
 Last two training sessions of Week 3 and we got into boxing and a bit of weight training. Again the weather was a bit average so utilized the fabulous stairs I have in my complex - i'm beginning to hate those damn stairs - but i'm sure i'm going to have killer thighs and a great ass lol.
Brendan going through the weight exercises with me

Overhead extensions

Not a bad view
So the training has been a much easier adjustment now that I've finished week 3. With the mixing of boxing, walking, stair climbing and weight training the variety I've found really enjoyable without too much pain or discomfort and for the first time EVER I'm actually finding myself enjoying it - SHOCK HORROR!!!

However, on the food front.... I'm still struggling to stay within my daily intake. Mainly because I am still having difficulties making time for myself, i.e. making time to go grocery shopping, planning my meals around my work schedule, cooking..... So Week 4 is all about more focus on my diet. 

When you're single, live alone, run a business plus have creative hobbies on the side it's very easy to slip into habits of not eating, or just grabbing takeaway because it's "easier". All habits I need to break!
It's a learning curve. I've developed these current habits over many years as an adult so can't expect to break them in just a couple of weeks.

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