It's the end of my first month of training with Brendan Junge from In Motion Health + Fitness and I feel like the penny has dropped. Exercise has never been something that I've enjoyed or really looked forward to which is part of the reason why I've struggled with my weight over the years. I guess I was always "trying too hard", joining gyms and never going, starting diets and never sticking to them.. all because I was doing it for the wrong reasons. Never really LEARNING or UNDERSTANDING what I was doing.

Our first session, we did weights which is something I've never really done before. Brendan taught me how to do a Dead Lift,  Front Squat, Clean and Power Press. I felt like Arnie in Pumping Iron!!! (Minus the hundred's of kg of weights of course lol)

Our second session consisted of interval sessions of boxing and step ups on a chair bench. 
Started off with 10 left, 10 right, boxing, 15 left, 15 right, boxing, then in intervals of 5 up to 25. This session was an absolute killer and one of the first times I actually complained I was hurting and in pain... always a good sign. BUT I persevered and didn't give up!
My last session was a 30minute walk with an 8kg weight vest on. This wasn't too bad as it reminded me of my Army days, walking around with webbing and a back pack. Bring on 20kg + and watch me sweat Brendan :-).

Week 4 has been a real battle for me, stress levels have been at an all time high with my assistant away so have been working til 2-3am every day catching up so have had minimal sleep. The great thing is, during our training sessions, I've been able to openly and honestly chat to Brendan about my life (he's like a Counsellor too) and he pushes me where I need to be pushed (food and exercise primarily) - forcing me to make time for myself, to go grocery shopping, eating 5 meals a day, small goals....

But as I mentioned above, the penny has dropped especially with my diet and worked out a system that ensures that I make time for me to ensure I have my 5 meals a day and within my 5000kj daily intake. I have now set alarms in my phone for all 5 meals so I eat when I am supposed to. And it's working well. It's becoming part of my daily routine like my client meetings and my blogging.

I can feel the weight dropping off. I'm feeling good. Optimistic. My dream body is in sight!
To contact Brendan about discussing your health goals:
Mobile: 0414 750 083


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