A few weeks ago, I was sent the above samples to try out, and due to a build up of work (or perhaps fate) I didn't try either of them until last week....
I suffer from insomnia, which like most creatives, comes with the turf. Over the years I've learnt to deal with this affliction and have tried almost all the old wives tales under the sun - warm milk before bed, incense burning, meditation, relaxing music, prescription medication, herbal teas; you name it I think I've pretty much tried them all.

I knew that lavender had medicinal purposes and had been clinically proven to influence sleep quality so after a week of only getting about 3-4 hours sleep a night I thought I would give the Moonshine Lip, Hand & Body Balm with Lavender Balm a go. 

As I sat in bed, ready for sleep (although I wasn't tired) I covered my arms, hands and chest in the balm (just like mum did with the ole Vicks Vaporub), and, because it contains beeswax, coconut oil, apricot kernel oil, olive oil and lavender oil, it smelt AMAZING. I don't really remember what happened next but I was awake fresh as a daisy and it was the next morning. Miracle you say???? Well I don't know about that, and i'm certainly not pulling any legs (or anything else for that matter) but it definitely worked miracles. As for me, someone who loves and values the very little sleep I get I was shocked and amazed that a simple balm could knock me out for a good 7 hours of deep restful sleep. Ahhh bliss.
Soooo, the question is - does this come in a bigger tub, I may become reliant.

For those of you that follow my blog, I'm on a bit of a body make over and over the last couple of weeks have made some pretty drastic changes to both my diet and lifestyle - that being removing coca cola and inputting exercise. As a result, last week I was left with withdrawal symptoms of crippling migraines that kept me fairly immobile for a couple of days that even my standard tricks of ibuprofen and codeine or valium couldn't shake. After posting my pain on Facebook looking for some sympathy, it was suggested that I try the Moonshine Jasmine Hair & Face Oil and massage some onto temples.

After 30minutes of gentle massage and letting the beautiful relaxing smell of jasmine consume me, the thudding in my head that left me almost bedridden had subsided enough for me to get up and function.

Not normally a partaker in the naturopathic remedies, after sampling and experiencing results like these when I so desperately needed a positive outcome, my perception has definitely shifted.

If you've been struggling with the same afflictions as I and have had no luck, I STRONGLY recommend you give Moonshine Oils 'n' Balms a go. 


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