A little while ago I posted about some amazing heels that were handcrafted in the shape of a crocodile. A friend of mine from school had introduced me to the artist and having fallen in love with them I had to share.

Well my blog pimp strikes again and thanks to his quirky nature, he has not let me down with this amazing Aurora Dress - telling me if a girl walked in the room wearing this dress he'd go nuts... not really knowing what to expect what I clicked on the link I was blown away by this....

Designed exclusively for the opera performance at the prestigious annual event organised and hosted by the Swiss company Breitling, the Aurora Dress is one of the most representative pieces of the CuteCircuit Haute Couture Collection.

Designed with a plunging neckline adorned with hundreds of Svarovski crystals.

Made with silk taffeta and chiffon, the Aurora Dress includes LEDs technology that creates many different patterns, from sparkly colours to an incredible fall of rainbow.

CuteCircuit designers have taken their inspiration from the spectacular colours and lights of the Aurora Borealis… Aurora, as the Roman goddess of the dawn who flies across the sky every morning to announce the arrival of the sun....

Katy Perry wore a similar dress for The Met Gala 2010 with over 3000 LED's.

God knows how much this is, but I want one - in lieu of a Christmas tree lol xx


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