For those of you that are regular readers of My Gasoline Rainbow, over the past month you may have noticed the missing weekly blogs about my body make over challenge with Brendan Junge from In Motion Health.

After 6 weeks of training and healthy eating, I started to get quite concerned as to my slow progress with weight loss, so decided to head to my GP for a check up...

After some blood tests, he discovered that my liver wasn't functioning properly due to medications that I was taking and that I had an underactive thyroid - so basicially my body was prohibiting myself from losing weight - great news lol.

As a result, I was instructed to reduce my intensity of my "challenge" and take a break to allow my new treatment (liver and thyroid) to take hold which will be about 2-3 months.

In the meantime, Brendan has now re-structured my training from focusing on primarily cardio to a weight based plan to help me put on a bit of lean muscle to assist in boosting my metabolism and changing my body shape.

This will take longer, but because of these health limitations it's a great option and will prepare me for when the drugs kick in :-)

Although "yet another hurdle" it has given me a sense of relief, knowing that it isn't me and there was a problem as to why these last few kgs haven't been coming off AND it stresses the importance of keeping in a good rapport with your GP.

But it's also made me realise what I have accomplished in a year and not to be so hard on myself... I quit smoking AND lost 10kg - MASSIVE KUDOS!!!!

So, i'm back into training 3 times a week, i'm not being so anal with my diet but still watching what I eat and having been on the medication for my live and thryoid for about 3 weeks now i'm starting to have more energy and sleep better too.

Fingers crossed this is my last battle!

Brendan Junge
In Motion Health
Mobile:: 0414 750 083


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