For as long as I can remember the one thing i've always been complimented on my whole life is my skin, which ironically is the one thing i've never looked after. Thank goodness for my fabulous genes!

I don't moisturise and yes, you'll cringe when I say this... I wash my face with soap on occasion eeek lol.

I very rarely wear make up and when I do i usually sleep in it... all disgusting habits I know and even worse considering I review and write about beauty and fashion products for a living.
Shown in "Light"
Working in media, I don't often succumb to the advertising mediums that are thrown in our faces on a daily basis but when Garnier brought out their new BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector, I have to admit, I was curious. Getting older, I knew that I would need to start taking care of my skin eventually and as i'm a less is more kind of gal, this product seemed like a good place to start.

A product that evens complexion, corrects blemishes, brightens and boosts the skins natural glow and has a built in SPF with a tint - SIGN ME UP!

Garnier introduces a new generation in skincare that combines the best of skincare with the benefit of make-up in 1 product to deliver 5 instant benefits:
    1. Hydrates for 24hrs
    2. Evens tone
    3. Corrects blemishes
    4. Boosts healthy glow
    5. UV Protection SPF 15

    This is me with just one coat of "Medium" - no other products
    I have fallen in love with this product and use it daily and carry it around with me everywhere. It actually gives quite good coverage, especially for day and for night time I just a bit of pressed powder, bronzer, eyeliner, mascara and my red lipstick and i'm good to go!

    It isn't greasy and the 03 Medium is a perfect colour for my skin tone. I've found that it lasts all day without requiring touch ups.

    The tube is only 50ml however i've found that it spreads quite well and you only need a small amount to cover your face, although i do use it sparingly and only one layer.

    The odour is quite sweet which was somewhat surprising.

    At only $10.50 from Priceline it's a fantastic bargain and i've not got enough to last me for the next 5 years!


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