Well it's been a few weeks since my last blog and of course the new medication for my underactive thyroid and as per usual some upsets to my routine with weather and family visiting.

Last week I didn't do any training at all with Brendan, but still managed to go walking every day including a long 2 hour walk today along the beach which was fantastic considering the weather has kept me inside for the majority of the past week.

My last training session with Brendan was Tuesday of last week was one of the hardest so far and in the gym, still focusing on strength training.

I definitely enjoy working my legs, and as you can see from the below pic, results are starting to show and i'm rocking i'm killer pins - even if i do say so myself - so it's been really encouraging to finally start to see some results, albeit slow.

My biggest challenge, which i'm fully aware of is still my motivation. The irony is, i tell myself i'm dedicated to do this, i bust out all the motivational quotes, i read them, i think i believe them, yet i still find myself sitting on the couch when i could be out walking on a sunny day or doing the stairs when it's raining.

I guess it's conditioning and it's going to take time to re-train my brain. I seem to have the food thing sorted. My coke addiction is still alive and kicking but nowhere near as bad as what it was. I drink at least 4L of water a day and my eating habits have improved drastically.

The one thing Brendan has taught me is to not be so hard on myself, i've come leaps and bounds in the past year. I gave up smoking which is a MASSIVE feat in itself, in fact it's coming up a year next week, so HI 5 to me!!! I've lost 10kgs so things really aren't all that bad and I need to keep remembering that.

It's a new week, the rain has dried and i'm feeling strong.

I know Brendan is wanting to get a little tougher with me and i'm ready... so BRING IT!

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