Developing and nurturing the trusting relationship between your hairstylist and yourself is a hard and lengthy process. It can take years and like finding the perfect partner, sometimes you have to go through a lot of bad eggs to find the perfect one.

Having recently switched to Pure Colour Lounge, we are in that phase where we are still learning about each other, how we communicate with one another, what I like, how my hair reacts, all those wonderful things.. and i'll be honest, I know, I'm not an easy client lol.

Terana and Scott have been incredibly patient with me while we go through the change of "fixing" the damage from previous hair dressers, hair extensions, years and years of colour and now, the annoying issue of me being unsure of "WHERE TO NOW?".

This most recent visit was an interesting one for me, as it became very clear to me that my perception/idea of a look/colour is very different to what it really is (in hairdresser terms) and what my hair is capable of achieving. 

As a client it can be a little frustrating to communicate your true feelings/desires when you are unfamiliar with the correct terminology and a colour that may look one way to me in a picture, is actually very different in reality when applied.

... Also, what others may think looks absolutely amazing on you or suits you, you yourself may not like at all. It's a funny thing vanity and perception.

Scott did a full head of foils to create a look based on an image that I had shown him, as I thought it was a colour that I wanted (in my eyes it was an ashy/cool multi tonal blonde) that I thought would blend well with my lighter tips. What I didn't realise was the colour was actually more warmer tones with a caramel/gold base.

As usual, i was treated to an incredible head massage using this amazing new product from Redken under the Pureology range called Precious Oil. SMELLED beyond delicious mmm - Sunflower Seed Oil for Softness and Coconut Oil for Vitality


  • Equalize porosity
  • Restore manageability
  • Replenish the protective lipid layer
  • Enhance colour vibrancy
Such an amazing product!!

Terana did an incredible job on my style cut and blowdry - I tell you, this woman is a master with a blowdry and round brush.

Conclusion - For a number of years people have told me that I suit hair with amber/red tones so after the first colour received a number of compliments on the colour (mainly from older people), the problem is when I look in the mirror I don't find myself attractive which as we know ladies is Number 1 in self confidence.
After this second visit, the colour is still noticeably golden, and although the it's a lovely colour, and the team at Pure Colour Lounge did an amazing job, due to my confusion, uncertainty and poor communication it is still not the colour that I was after.

Luckily I had a good chat with Terana afterwards and she explained to me the "perception" equation about colours and said to go away and have a think about exactly what I want. To find a salon that is so understanding and supportive is rare. The great thing about it all is, my hair has never been healthier, is growing like you wouldn't believe! So totally stoked. LOVE Pure Colour Lounge xxx

So if any of you have any suggestions on any colour or styles that you think may suit me, I would love to get your feedback. Please email me on info@missyrobinson.com.au


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