Well it's upon us again, (my how time flies) but this year my involvement is limited to that of a Blogger. Being involved in an event like this is such an incredible experience, and if you're interested in being in the fashion industry in any capacity I highly recommend you volunteering. 

Apart from getting hands on experience and getting the opportunity to learn and meet from some of the best creatives and designers in the industry, it's money can't buy cred for your Resume!

Unfortunately, last year my involvement was hindered by some personal issues which caused severe stress and triggered my Bipolar and I was unable to finish my role as Official Blogger, which was devastating to me as I had worked hard and was excited to be part of the QTFWA 2013. At the time, I was still keeping my illness secret so it was even harder.

But it's a new year, and I'm so excited to be able to attend the Up & Coming Swimwear Parade which is on Friday 30 May at 6.30pm at the amazing QT Gold Coast. (click on the image to purchase tickets). The line up of the designers looks fresh and modernistic and to have a platform like QTFWA that could potentially launch their line is exciting to be able to see!


As i'll be a bridesmaid at a wedding on Saturday 31 May, I'll be unable to attend the Up & Coming Designer Show High Tea at 11.00am 

 Up & Coming Designer Show High Tea

and the amazing QT Gala Designer Dinner at 6.30pm

 QT Gala Dinner

But i'll be watching closely on social media as the designers for the Gala Dinner are yet to be released.

So stay tuned, my coverage may even be posted on my new look Blog - YAYYYY!!!!

For more info www.fashionweekandawards.com.au


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