For those of you that read my blog, you'll be aware of the difficulties I experienced surrounding my first attempt at my body make over challenge. For those of you that are new to My Gasoline Rainbow.... there's no need to go into the details, needless to say that i'm very excited to announce that I now have a new Personal Trainer in the name of Brendan Junge from In Motion Health + Fitness.
Brendan - my second chance
Brendan contacted me after a mutual friend, also a PT who works for him, mentioned my situation. After a general introduction and an interest in taking on the role of my PT we agreed to meet up.
His persistence was impressive, regular contact to check my availability to co-ordinate a time to meet that was convenient with me. However with the chaos of Gold Coast Fashion Week and my broken toe we held off and had our first meeting this Monday just gone.
To add even more impression and flexibility Brendan came up to my apartment for our meeting as I had tradies coming and going (bathroom renovations) - we were off to a good start. Over the next hour, we talked about my goals and my lifestyle, limitations etc.. And obviously rehashed what I went through with previous trainer. Then he asked me something I  wasn't prepared for, he asked me what my expectations were of HIM! This was were I knew I was on to a winner. 
We then talked about training, and planned 3 x 30min sessions a week with me doing my own thing for the remaining 4 days (even a 30 min stroll daily), all very doable and not at all scary. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9.30am. And the best thing is, we agreed that due to my schedule and the fact he lives quite close etc... most days he would come to me... ahh the joys of a mobile PT.
Today is Wednesday and sure enough 9.30am comes around Brendan was knocking at my door, off we went for a brisk walk along the broadwater down to the park for a session of boxing.
By the time we were done and walked back home my arms were somewhat sore. I could feel the "burn" as Arnie would say lol. But it felt good and now can't wait for our next session tomorrow.
You all know what I look like, so i'm not going to do the gay "before" shots and i'm certainly not going to be listing my weight and cm. This isn't The Biggest Loser. 
I'll be blogging after each session - what we did and how I feel and this will definitely be the longest blog post :)
This is a journey for me, to improve my general health and well being. I work long hours and always put myself last so today it stops. Today it's about putting myself first and Brendan is a big part of helping me do that. Helping me make time for me, so I can focus, look after myself and of course my clients. It's a ripple effect.
Already, Brendan has sent me through a daily consumption profile of how many kj per day I should be eating based on my height and weight and how much I want to lose. He's onto it.... I'm feeling good. Until tomorrow...
0414 750 083


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