Week 5 has been and gone with a real focus on my diet. The alarms for my food have been working really well and am now eating 5 times a day as opposed to maybe twice a day like I was before. I was worried the alarms going off would be a little annoying but surprisingly has become more routine than anything else now and gives me a break from work which is always good when you're doing long hours.

This week, although there has only been a slight decrease in weight loss I've been feeling incredibly frustrated... I'm a very results driven person and as I've been working very hard especially in the diet area and with the training Brendan has been giving me I was expecting to see massive changes with my weight loss and measurements (knowing my body reacts very quickly to change) and sadly that hasn't happened. However, on Friday night I went out to dinner with a friend and decided to try on my "skinny jeans" that I haven't been able to fit into for years and I just slid into them, so was rather confused as to why I wasn't seeing the "numbers".

It's an emotional roller coaster to say the least and hard to stay motivated when you can't SEE the results in a numbers sense. Although fitting into the jeans is a result, seeing the scales and tape measure read a smaller number is a result I can relate to... 

The amazing thing is, that when I started feeling demotivated and frustrated, I was able to text Brendan and tell him how I was feeling and he called me straight away. Even though it was the weekend and he was away with his wife in Toowoomba, we talked it out and he kept me focused... It's so great to have that support, knowing I can call on him anytime throughout this journey. 

So week 6 starts this week, and I'm determined to amp it up! 

Brendan is truly amazing! To contact Brendan Junge from In Motion Health and Fitness and talk to him about your health goals
Mobile:: 0414 750 083


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