Kristina Sofia Innemee
Height: 5'10
Age: 21
Size: 8 - 10
Nationality: Dutch
Agency: KATZ Management
The first time I saw Kristina was at Gold Coast Fashion Week, the Launch Party actually. I remember I was sitting down (because of my broken toe) and saw this leggy striking blonde walking around in what my memory tells me was a pair of black leather pants. Once I got over the "chick envy" I recognised her as the model from the Coco Riche campaign but got confused once I overheard an American accent... Over the next few days we met and I got to know this bubbly friendly down to earth model and now I introduce her to you...
You’re based on the Gold Coast, but you don’t actually live here, where do you live?
I find it kind of weird too! I actually live in Alexandra Headlands on the Sunshine Coast, about 3 hours away from the Gold Coast, and yes i do that 3 hour travel every single time I work!! I live with my Boyfriend Gianni, of 3 years, in a beautiful apartment facing the ocean.
I love being based in the Gold Coast. Ever since I started getting work there I realized how much I suited the look and lifestyle. In 6 months I have found so many people who actually care about what I am doing and want me to succeed. 
It is also a bonus because when I am in the Gold Coast I am either busy shooting, going to events or having meetings, but when I am at home I am working out, eating clean and I am really focused on my goals. Its kind of like a double life!
Gianni & Kristina
You’re of Dutch origin, how long have you lived in Australia? Did you come here with your family?
I am a bit tricky when it comes to exactly where I am from and especially where I have been. 
I am originally Dutch, I was born in Japan, I lived in Singapore and grew up in Australia. I have been all over the world I think twice and I am so blessed that I have been able to travel as much as I have.

I came with my Family in 1997, we had been here on my fathers working Visa but, long story short, we weren't able to get residency. So my parents had to leave Australia and my brother also decided to move to Holland. So in one day my parents flew to New Caledonia and my brother flew to Holland and after 15 years and at 19 years of age, I was the only one left in Australia..

The whole situation forced me to grow up very quickly. I had gone through a lot of situations that most 30 year old people haven't been through yet but I have learnt so much and I know I am such a stronger person because of it all!
Where do you get your Inspiration from?
My Biggest Inspiration is Ellie Gonsalves. I know she is a lot of other people inspirations too, which I absolutely love!
I had really hit rock bottom with my health, I just didn't care anymore. I just sat on the couch and watched TV all day. Once I baked a cake, iced it and then ate the whole thing...
I used to be so jealous of everything she was doing. I so badly wanted to be doing the exact same thing but I always believed that she was just luckier or something..
Then one day she wrote a status which was along the lines of  "The World only gives you what you give it in return"
All of a sudden, something just clicked.. I just had so much motivation. I started going to the gym every single day, I started to learn about my health, I started really trying my absolute hardest at everything and most importantly, I started to become a really positive person!
She has helped me change my life and has given me the motivation to become the person I am now. So if she reads this, THANK YOU!! :)
I also now am inspired by Sheridyn Fisher who is a fit and positive Model based in Sydney!
How long have been modeling? What work have you done?
I have been an 'Amateur' Model for around 5 years now. Although I probably still wouldn't call myself a Professional Model. I had done a lot of different shoots with local photographers and small up and coming designers. However in the last 6 months I have been the face of Coco Riche Swimwear, Park Shop Fitness Clothing and have shoots for Saucy Rose Swimwear, Jaylah Kade Exclusive Fashion and Aquadiva Sporting Swimwear. I have also had shoots with the amazing photographer Trent Mitchell!

I have only just joined KATZ Management, so the fact that I had done all this with just my close friends help and my own hard work, just makes me so proud of how far I have come. 
Is modeling your full time job or do you have other pursuits that keep you busy as well?
Modelling isn't my full time job yet but my next goal is for it to be. My life long dream was to be a Professional Model as it is just something that makes me happy and I want to live every day doing something I absolutely Love!
I don't really have other pursuits because I am so focused but I do have projects that I would love to undergo BUT I can't let those slip just yet ;)
What has been your biggest struggle as a model?
There are a lot of things that I have struggled with that I never thought I would, mainly the process of becoming a Professional Model.

It all started with me becoming a healthy and positive person and with that I felt myself becoming motivating to others. 
I still don't think people today realise how much I actually eat and how much work I put into my body. For me losing weight and changing my whole lifestyle took over two years. I had to do my research. I had to attempt things and fail. 
I had to learn to maintain everything I did because I didn't want to go back to the way I used to be, and giving up my dream was not an option.

With all these amazing things that I was doing for myself I obviously didn't realize i was showing other people what they weren't doing. I had no intentions of making other people feel bad, I just wanted to prove that you could do anything if you worked hard at it. Either way, I had never lost friends so quickly.
In saying that, I had gained friends that I couldn't imagine not having in my life now. I realised that its not the amount of friends I needed to have, it was just the special people that made me really happy!

I have also struggled not having my family around to witness what I am accomplishing. Although I do email and send them photos as soon as possible and even going to the length of making my dad a Facebook, it would always be amazing if they could be here!

The last thing I do struggle with, which I don't really want to admit, is being a lady...
I live in shorts, shirt and sweats. I don't have the best fashion sense and playing Basketball my whole life has made me a little manly in things I do. I am always very natural when I am at home, wearing no make up and just my normal hair.
I have really learnt to love my body so whenever I can I just let everything breathe!!
What are a few random things that most people wouldn’t know about you?
I am a little clumsy and forgetful but I try really hard.
I have a very sarcastic personality and I love a good belly laugh until I cry.
I am really loud but love meeting new people.
I have learnt to read peoples personalities which can be really interesting at times.
I need like 10 hours sleep and I love Hazelnut infused coffee.
...And last but not least I LOVE BAKING!! I am definitely a foodie!

I am also a Basketball-er and have played since I was around 10 years old. I made State Level for 2 years and played as a reserve for 2 years too. Playing at State level I learned a lot about working hard and being pushed to my limits!
Everyone who I have met through Basketball have been people that will be apart of me for the rest of my life. They are like family to me! . 

I have a Canadian/American/Australian Accent. When I moved here 15 years ago it was American, after living here it turned Australian and now having a Canadian boyfriend has turned it into Canadian. I know! I am so weird!

What has been your highlight so far?
Its really hard to say. Each and Everything has been a huge step forward for me towards my goal!!

What is in store for the future?
Expect A lot. This girl aint stopping any time soon!

I just wanted to thank everyone who I have met and who has believed in me..
I really just don't know how I would have done any of this without you all, I feel so blessed.Especially want to thank the Whiteheads for taking care of me every time I am on the Gold Coast!
Love Kristina xoxo



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