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With one night to go before The Old Scholar Fashion Affair at Oh Hello in Fortitude Valley I chat to Designer Lauren Brooks from label Baumbach (pronounced Bomb-back) and her latest collection which has a very personal touch to it...

You’ve had quite an extensive design background working with some big international brands like Gap and Top Shop, what has it been like branching out on your own and having that creative freedom with Baumbach?
I work to my own creative brief now rather than someone else’s. I still try and look at each range in the same way as I did when I was working for the high street but with Baumbach I’m constantly asking myself what makes the label different.   

Storyteller Leggings
“Inspired by road trips, poetry, travel and the art of getting lost in an adventure” – are you a bit of an adventurer, a bit of a gypsy girl?

I’m a daydreamer and eternal wanderer at heart. I love travelling, experiencing new adventures and different cultures. Getting lost and sharing in a new adventure is the perfect way to spend my time.

Suncatcher Shift Dress
This latest collection is quite personal having collaborated with your father – do you have a favourite print? As these were originally created throughout the 1970’s in his studio do you have memories of these particular prints? What was it like working with your father on this collection?
My favourite is the sunflower/sunshine print seen on the kaftans.

I have the original painting hanging up in my kitchen at home, it’s so bright and colourful and always manages to make me smile when I see it. I was chatting to my Dad about this question the other day, he laughed and wished it was that poetic. He actually kept his talents and paintings quite quiet until I went to Uni and became interested in drawing and art. He has only ever really showed his family and close friends his paintings, so I’m really proud and happy to be able to give him a platform to share his artwork with a bigger audience for the first time.

I love working with dad, he is always so modest, creative yet quirky. He will always be a huge inspiration for me in everything I do, especially in the creative passions of my life.

Dad's Kaftan

      Who is the Baumbach girl?
Baumbach’s girl is a wanderer. She loves waking up to tea in a jam jar.
She is a creative at heart and a lover of vinyl. She adores pottering though markets and thrift shops. She buys clothes that tell a story, hold a memory and last longer than seasonal trends. She often disappears into an adventure. Her bike takes her to work because together they care about the planet. 

Suncatcher Tank Dress

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?
I think it has been taking the big step of going into business on my own and setting up the label. It’s been the hardest thing I think I’ve ever done but also the most rewarding thing I will ever do in my fashion career.

Tecnicolour Maxi Tee

I love the story behind this label and especially behind this collection. Being a bit of gypsy girl myself I can't wait to see Baumbach on the runway.

Thanks so much Lauren, and see you tomorrow night.

Tickets are still available, so to purchase - click here


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