Happy New Year 2012 xx

Well, as another year comes to an end the question that is on everyone's lips... what are your New Year's Resolutions??

The whole concept of NEW YEAR resolutions is quite ridiculous to me really, I mean the word resolution means "a resolve or determination: to make a firm resolution to
do something".

We should be living our lives like this every day, I know I do. Live your life with conviction, don't put things off until tomorrow, until next week, next month, next year. Life is precious, you never know how much time you have, with the ones you love and this year has really brought that home.

So, enjoy tonight, celebrate it with your friends and family and promise to quit smoking, lose weight, get that great job, go on that holiday, but don't make it a New Year resolution make it a life promise a YOU promise. Because you deserve it!!

Happy New Year - love and kisses xx
believe in yourself and you can do anything x


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