Hunter's Moon Launches!!!

Svelt PR is excited to announce the official launch of Hunter's Moon online jewellery boutique.
Hunting by moonlight she protects herself in exotic adornment...

Swathed in tribal inspired silver and gold, her animalistic intuition guides her through the raw unforgiving wilderness.

Adventurous, wild and free she asserts her identity with exotic and edgy embellishments.

Capture the spirit of this bewitching huntress with a piece from the Hunter's Moon collection.

Armor up urban warriors, it's a jungle out there.

Below is just a small sample of what Hunter's Moon has to offer, to view the full collection available go to - and better yet there is FREE POSTAGE Australia wide.
Arrow Necklace $14.0
Moon Earrings $11.0
Vision Necklace $15.0
Jade Star Ring $9.0
Jade Star Earrings $10.0
Aaliyah Cuff $13.0

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