Balayage Babe

Stylist: Donna
Finding a good hairdresser is like finding a good man... you think you've found the perfect one, then they go and f*ck it up and things are never the same and it can take years to recover, if at all...
Well although i'm yet to find Mr Right, I've definitely found Mrs Right Cut and Colour LOL
NV Design Studio @ Southport on the Gold Coast have literally changed my world and not just because they've given me beautiful hair as you've seen by the ongoing styling tips i've posted over the past months (see archives) and above when I went in for a refresher colour, but they've given me an added boost of confidence - hard to believe say the people who know me. But yes it's true. When you have beautiful hair as well as beautiful skin, you truly do feel amazing and it shows and people do notice.
I've said it before and i'll say it again, not a day goes by when i'm out and about that people don't comment on how great my hair looks and it makes me feel like a *SUPERSTAR* and I thank it to all the amazing girls at NV Design Studio.
So this is a special little post to say "you girls rock!
And to any ladies on the Gold Coast who aren't feeling the love with their current hairdresser, I know you may feel like you're "cheating" but just go in and try them out, I guarantee you, you won't be disappointed!

130 Scarborough Street, Southport
PH: 5528 5844
Naked Spray Tans $25
Party Lashes $TBA
Facial tinting & waxing $POA


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