The Perfect Pony Tail by NV Design Studio

Stylist - Rachael
This week apprentice Rachael practiced the "perfect pony tail" on me which is the major component in the Redken 5th Avenue NY Session Styling Audition that she is attending soon.
Here's how you can achieve the Perfect Pony Tail...
What you'll need:
Step 1:
Start with Clean wet hair. Use a quarter pump of Redken Argan Oil and emulsify in to hands. Apply to mids and ends. Use 10c piece of Redken Hardware 16 and apply around the hairline and nape for sleekness and shine.
Step 2:
For a smoother sleeker blow dry take smaller brick sections.
Step 3:
Using a large round brush, on low fan and high heat with a nozzle for direction, blow dry and focus on roots for volume and lift up from natural hair growth. This creates the foundation for the perfect pony tail.
Step 4:
When reaching crown, section from ear to ear.
Step 5:
Blow dry roots to ends, away from front hairline towards crown until completely dry. Section off temple to crown and clip.
Step 6:
Using GHD Styler, lightly straighten to smooth.
Step 7:
Section ear to ear. Using boar bristle brush, pull sections into pony tail onto crown then secure with hair tie and bobby pins.
Insert bobby pin threaded through hair tie at top of pony tail
Then wrap around pony tail as tight as possible
Insert other bobby pin into bottom of pony tail to secure
Step 8:
To conceal hairband, plait or braid small section from underneath the ponytail and wrap around the base of the ponytail and pin to secure.
Step 9:
For a modern edge, add confused curls 

130 Scarborough Street, Southport
PH: 5528 5844
Naked Spray Tans $25
Party Lashes $TBA
Facial tinting & waxing $POA


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