Body Make Over Challenge - Day 1

So yesterday I started my first day of my body make over with my new fantastic trainer Daniel Carruthers.
Just to give you a little bit background on Daniel, he has a Bachelor of Business in Sports Management so has the "technical" qualifications and on top of that, he is a World Champion Athlete as well as a Level 1 Surf Coach, so I knew I was in totally good hands!
Daniel Carruthers - my trainer and owner of Boss Training
In the lead up to our start date, Daniel and I met up to discuss my needs and to have a chat about my history, my food habits, my laziness, and general health and well being. I figured if I wasn't completely honest with him about my lifestyle (including my coca cola addiction) there was no way he was going to be able to assist me in getting me to my dream body.
The great thing about Daniel, was his compassion and understanding... as a female and with a pre-existing health condition, it gave me peace of mind knowing he was going to really look after me and take everything into consideration - yayyy.
After providing him with my food diary for about a week and emailing him a picture of my dream body then setting the deadline for my birthday which is 7 March we finally managed to schedule a session  - but with being a business owner and with Christmas and New Year it was tricky .... but yesterday was the day.....
Nervous as hell we met up at a great park nearby to my house and having recently lost 8kg on my own over the last few months (which he noticed - which made me feel good!)  was still pretty excited.
The training started and he had me doing walking squat lunges (I think that's what they're called), push ups and sit ups. 
It's now a day later and i can definitely feel the burn in my thighs and to top it off I did over 2 hours of walking today so i'm feeling a little tender today.
The next part of the challenge is the food part which i'm not looking forward to as i do love my food, but Daniel assures me that he has complete faith that my dream body is very achievable so i'm just waiting for my new food menu and I can't wait for our next session.
If you want to book a session with Daniel or talk to him about how you can achieve your dream body then give him a buzz on 0433 451 766 or through Facebook 


  1. Go girl, you can do it!! x

  2. Thanks hun xx - I've done pretty well on my own so the extra 12kg is gonna be a challenge eekk


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