Brisbane Creatives - High Fashion Party

Last night Svelt PR was the proud sponsor of Brisbane Creatives "High Fashion Party"

With a great turn out and some incredibly talented creatives, guests were treated to a showcase of style and glamour with parades featuring designers and stylists including Begitta - Hilde Heim Design - Nueva Style Studio - Undral Design - Hazel Suaraz - Alice Nightingale - Joshua Hall - Harpi Design - Lady Sveta.

Hair and Make Up artists included Haley Whittle - Jackie Blake - Rachel Doyle - Emma Royal - Porcelain Cupcake - Loulou Hair Design - Nixy Darco

Photographers included Chris Fatseas - Nigel Wesley - Amelia Satoor - Amber Ivey - Karma Sangye Lam

With so much incredible talent, the judging of the competition with fashion blogger Casey Evans and model/dj Sarah Robertson was so difficult, however awarded the Svelt PR mentoring prize to Undral Design - CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Check out the next blog for more information on some of Undrals' beautiful garments.

A big thanks goes to the following people:

Sam @ Wild Bunch Media

Charley Greenfield @ Turpentine

Dearne, Jenna & Hilary @ Rixon Hair

Rob @ iModel Management

Fearless for their wonderful live dance performance and of course all the beautiful models that gave their time for this event.

And a very special thanks goes out to Yoori Rose (centre), who organised this wonderful opportunity to showcase the amazing talent of SEQld with all creatives working together


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