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As a plus size blogger and stylist, it was music to my ears this morning to hear that Best & Less have set the benchmark by launching their new One Price Fits all collection. The whole concept of "Plus size" has always been a battle, to think that in the industry a size 10 is now classified as a Plus size is absolutely astounding - but that's an entirely separate debate that I won't get into here. It's no secret that the average women in Australia is a size 14-16, so why-oh-why aren't the average retailer or designer catering to the average shopper? And looking at the image above both women look healthy, both women look beautiful and it's not as if there is visibly a huge difference in fabric being used to make either outfits right?!  Yet for some reason, designers and retailers have felt the need to charge "plus size" on average an extra 20% more than traditional sizes. This summer, every


So, Monday I started Phase 1 of the Bodytrim Weight Loss system, I'm not calling it a diet, I'm not making a big deal of it.  For those of you that follow my blog you'll know that this is my second attempt at trying something serious, below is the link to my journey with fabulous Personal Trainer Brendan Junge from In Motion Fitness Health and Fitness who taught me a great deal last year. See blog post HERE As a result of a serious health condition and medications that I take and have to take for the rest of my life, over the last 5 years I have put on over 20 kg. Unfortunately, these medications have affected my liver and will continue to which have and will make it very difficult for me to lose that weight.  On the upside it's done wonders for my condition but has made it very difficult to lose the fat, which has caused other issues such as low self esteem blah blah blah. Ladies, all know the side effects of weight gain don't we?! So nothing to lo


BACCHUS SOUTHBANK Located on the podium level of Rydges Hotel in the bustling entertainment precinct of South bank is the luxury new dining venue BACCHUS. BACCHUS has an understated decor and a level of sophistication that is felt the minute you walk out of the elevator. It was a 7.30pm Saturday night reservation and already there was a buzz in the bar as guests waited for their table. As soon as we were seated our gorgeous waitress gave us an option of water selection, which was a first for me, it wasn't an ordinary selection either - still, sparkling or tap. We went with still. Then the next options came - NZ or Italian. With all these options, we knew we were in for a heavenly and luxurious night. As we sipped on our water that had been naturally filtered over limestone rocks (oh yes, it keeps coming lol) I looked around the restaurant and started to notice the finer points... The gorgeous hosts, wore clothed in stylish silk dresses with stiletto heel;


How many times have you gone shopping only to find the perfect pair of jeans or jacket, then look at the price and find it just that little bit out of your budget.  So you spend the next thirty minutes (or more) walking around the shopping centre either debating to your girlfriend or yourself whether or not it's an investment that's justifiable, or worse yet (depending on how you look at it), you buy it anyway and lie to your beau about how much it cost.  Exhausting right, and why all the drama anyway?! Well, thanks to the fabulous team at Westfield, they have the perfect solution. The   Westfield Cost Per Index  tool. To try it out, I took to Westfield Helensvale Shopping Centre to buy myself a new item  to incorporate it into my wardrobe just to see how how often I wore it and ultimately what the cost per wear was! So I ended up buying these gorgeous biker skinnys from Just Jeans $79.95 nothing to do with price, just because they are AWESOME!! As


Hailing from two generations of bad cooks (sorry mum - but you know it's true lol) I was so excited to be invited to attend a lunch with Ian "Herbie" Hemphill and his lovely wife Liz at Spoon Deli  in James St, New Farm. It was slightly daunting being surrounded by a table of serious foodies whose days are spent cooking and blogging about food, but it was wonderful listening to Herbie and Liz talk about their travels and experiences and experimenting with herbs and spices. What I found most interesting was learning about the history of spices - nutmeg was once worth more than gold and we all know the phrase "he's worth his salt", that's because Roman soldiers used to be paid in salt. The power of the spice trade has shaped so much of the world today it's unbelievable!!! But I digress... One of the most fascinating things I learnt most from this luncheon was the fact that herbs and spices are condiments not be scared o


Behind the scenes pics from our Francaise Mode  fashion editorial in Get it Magazine July issue. Flowers | Moss n Stone @ Chirn Park Cruiser | Paradise Road Cyles @ Southport Shot on location at Gold Coast Botanic Gardens