The main reason for this trip to New Zealand is to celebrate my cousin's 30th Birthday. I don't have a huge family but it is a very "international" family in the fact that the majority of my life, my relatives (ie cousins/aunty etc...) have been separated by large bodies of water. 

In the Birthday girl's case, her and her brother grew up in Belgium so we didn't get to spend much time together, but we are as close as if we grew up in the same town.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post the last time I was here, was for my Grandmother's funeral. So it was quite emotional to drive through the areas where all our family history was, it brought back so many happy wonderful memories including the photo below which is so symbolic of the relationship I had with my grandma. It was so great to feel so close to her x.

The rest of the afternoon we went for a cruise along the Kapiti Coast which was amazing, then stopped in briefly for a play at a skate park and had a quick shoot at the beach across from the apartments where we were staying. The weather really has been amazing. We've been so lucky!

I'm wearing my favourite Aussie flanny with a tee I bought from an op shop I altered. The coolest thing about this shirt is it glows in the dark. I love this shirt! Denim skinniest and my new suede laser cut booties.

Me with Grandma and Nicky at Aotea Lagoon, Porirua

Tank | DIY found at St Vincent De Paul
Flanny | Lowes
Skinny Jeans | Supre
Booties | KMart


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