Today is the first day this week that I haven't had a headache. Sadly, these can be common, although it hasn't happened in a while luckily, but when it does, there isn't much I can do.

From the moment I woke up, if I was able to get some form of sleep, it's there, a dull throbbing that remained all day. No pain killer can numb it. Going for a walk seemed to help but the heat and sun made it worse. It's like a torture no-one deserves. 

Any chance of doing chores or the things I love go out the window. Even thinking is difficult which when you continually have racing thoughts is like a nightmare. My jaw is tight from clenching my teeth which of course made it worse, it's a vicious circle. 

Each morning I open my eyes and hope, please be gone, please be gone.

Four days this went on.... It's been so frustrating and I've felt so helpless.

Since my arrival back from NZ, I've felt a fresh focus, with the rebranding of my blog in process (yes, soon you will see a new look blog and approach) and some amazing opportunities and projects that i'm working on, I'm excited to anxious to get things happening so be practically couch ridden and in pain and unable to do anything has left me feeling weak.

This is what I have to live with, no matter how much I have control of my condition, it will always come in with a little SCREW YOU every so often. 

And then I think, headaches happen to everyone and for a minute I feel "normal" and that's a good thing.


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