Last week I had the absolute delight to test drive the amazing Opel Insignia OPC for  QT Fashion Week & Awards thanks to the fabulous staff at Gold Coast Opel.

Just to give you a little back ground on the brand.... Opel has been around for about 150 years or so. 

Mr Adam Opel, in 1862 built his first sewing machine which was where the foundation for his company first began, showing that fashion and Opel go hand in hand.

By 1920, Opel was one of the largest bicycle manufacturers of the world and continued to manufacture bikes until 1937.

In 1989, Opel made it's first automobile and within a year marks it's debut into international sport.

I'm sure many of you would have heard of the Astra, which was created by Opel but rebadged for other manufacturers around the world mostly common known would be GM Holden.

From the moment I slid into the brand new V6 turbo with leather Recaro sports seats, I instantly fell in love and never wanted to return to my 2 door convertible Holden Tigra which incidentally is an Opel made car.

Spacious and oh so comfortable, electric seat controls (forward, backwards, lumbar support), seat warmers, 20" alloy wheels, dual zone climate control, full sat nav system, ipod/iphone connectivity and a pull down tray with cup holders in the back seat for guests - this car has everything!

Drives like a dream and can definitely give it some gas when needed - not that I gave it a run for it's money or anything ;-)

Plenty of boot room for those shopping days. This car is chick friendly and the guys love it!

So impressed with the way this car drives, it was so difficult to give it back... If you're in the market for a sports performance car give Gold Coast Opel a visit....


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