For years I've heard about how amazing IPL was and after seeing repeated specials and offers EVERYWHERE I decided it was time to see what all the fuss was about. Realising that permanent hair removal is a specialised treatment I wanted to make sure I had it done by professionals. 

Enter Just Skyn Beaty Treatment Clinic. Kerry, originally from Canada, has opened an incredible clinic in Broadbeach with a real celebrity feel... 

My first appointment at Just Skyn was to talk about the procedure, what was involved and to do a patch test. I was impressed by the cleanliness and sterility of the clinic as well as the friendly staff. 

Using the medical grade equipment, I had a quick patch test on my right underarm to ensure that there were going to be no reactions. I had been told that the feeling of IPL was like having a tattoo done, not even close, the pain is minimal and feels like a sharp flick of a rubber band. 24 hours later with no side effects I was booked in for my first session.

Taking only 15mins, it's hard to believe I had left it so long to try this amazing procedure to be permanently hair free! Having shaved the night before I was excited but unsure as to how it was going to work, knowing that you can require up to 6-8 sessions of IPL for it's full effect to kick in.

A week after my first session I was blown away at how much hair had already been reduced... to think all these years I've been shaving 3-4 times a week . During the first month between my first and second session, I only needed to shave about once a week. Totally blown away by the fact it actually WORKED. 

I've been back for my second session and since then, the hair just keeps reducing.. 

Needless to say, I have been in awe and shock to discover that a) it actually works and b) the cost of IPL is next to nothing!

I highly recommend IPL for all those ladies out there who are visiting their local salon every month and enduring the ripping pain of hair removal... the difference it's made to my social life and preparation time is phenomenal.

With payment plans available you can get your IPL or microdermabrasion done for as little as $16 per week with free eyebrow waxing. 

Check out www.justskynbeauty.com.au for all your beauty needs!

Shop 5, 1 Sunshine Blvd
Broadbeach Waters QLD 4218
5526 8300


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