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Body Mud

While I was waiting for my grandfather to arrive at the Resort he was staying at whilst here on the Gold Coast I got chatting to a couple of people that were hanging out in foyer due to a temporary power and water outtage that had brought everyone out of their rooms. 

A lovely lady from Canberra was commenting on my shoulder sunburn when all of a sudden a lovely gentleman in his 50's started talking about his amazing product he said he imported that "would sort me out in a heartbeat". He raced upstairs and reappeared with a tub of Body Mud.

Long story short, Barry, lives in the Resort and imports Body Mud from the Dead Sea. He told me this stuff would leave my skin smoother and softer like nothing I've ever experienced before. Not currently on the market, but featured on TV and in Magazines, he's given me a 7 day challenge. Day 1 starts tonight..... I'm still sunburnt, but he's told me it will take the red and the sting away and i won't peel...... we'll soon see. Stay tuned....

Mineral Roles : 100% NATURAL
Magnesium : Activates enzymes to accelerate cell regeneration
Potassium - Sodium : Supplies energy to skin cells
Bromide : Soothes and treats skin ailments
Chloride : Helps balance body's minerals
Calcium : Strengthens cell membranes and eases pain
Mineralised : Salt water
As research evidence shows the mud serves to balance the skin functions, it increases the skin's oxygen level by raising its temperature, thus stimulating blood circulation. Its high absorbent quality enables it to penetrate the pores, providing optimal cleansing & purifying. This process allows the skin to cleanse itself while replenishing it with all the essential minerals needed for healthy skin.
Dead Sea Mud exfoliates dead skin cells. The fine, natural grain of the mud softly yet effectively sloughs off dead skin cells, leaves the skin looking fresh and radiant.


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