Coco Riche and oh so delicious!

Living on the Gold Coast it seems every year there are at least three new emerging swimwear labels. And at the risk of being critical, it's a rare occurance that for ME, doing what I do (Stylist/Publicist/Writer/Reviewer/Brand Ambassador - gee talk about being a slashie LOL) that any of these labels make me sit up and go WOW. And being blessed with a naturally big bust attending the launch shows of these new labels is always a parade of less than 20cm squared of fabric (which seem to be the same design seen time and time again) on a size 6-8 model with enhanced breasts - not exactly appealing to the masses.... regardless, i applaud and admire - genuinely, then head home. The ending usually leaving me with feelings of negative self esteem which is never a good thing... but i digress.... So when I discovered this INCREDIBLE label I got excited.
Sexy, sophisticated and stylish their collection is fun and flirty with plunging necklines, revealing cuts and they do exquisite kaftans too. Frills and fringing, slashing and sparkles Coco Riche have really thought of it all. The two girls behind the label Karen and Jade have done an amazing job - well done! Can't wait to see what else is in store xx
This is OMG - I so want one
This one piece is made to order but so worth it. Striking!
These fringing pieces are so cute x
LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Want this one....


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