You've heard about it, you might have seen it and if you've been super lucky enough you may have even tried it... but what do you really know about it? 

With so many "energy drinks" on the market, you're probably thinking bloody hell not another one, but 28 Black is not just another energy drink, 28 Black is, as they refer to it, is a premium mixer.

So what's behind the name? There is a lot of myth behind the name. Some claim that after after trying many recipes to come up with a great tasting flavour the 28th recipe was the the best tasting one! It is also known that their natural energy drink contains 28 Acai berries per litre. 

The black is obviously related to the can colour but few people know that 28 Black is the international  version of the German drink "Schwarze Dose 28" which literally translates to "Black Can 28".

The first stock of 28 Black arrived in Australia in November 2011 and is now available in all eastern seaboard cities and in the process of completing nationwide purchase.

And the first million cans come with an information booklet tied with a black band around the top of the can that can be very conveniently used for a hair tie ladies - snap! How often do we run around asking every one of our friends if they have a spare hair tie by the end of the night??!!!

28 Black is a very different proposition to existing energy drinks with a natural fruity and refreshing taste, without taurine or artificial flavours. It almost has a flavour like sparkling rose - mmm tasty and uplifting.
28 White seems to be most popular with the health conscious female market due to the natural sugar free energy drink being their biggest seller and less than 30kj per can, you can see why.

While I've been doing my Body Make Over challenge just recently I've been slowly weening myself off Coca Cola and have been drinking 28 White - still getting my buzz on, but without the sugar!
28 Black recently were one of the major sponsors at Gold Coast Fashion Week where My Gasoline Rainbow was the official blogger, which is where I was first introduced to this delicious and now slightly addictive beverage. Feedback from guests that attended the drink was well received and referrals since has been testament to the perfect alignment.
The fabulous thing I found from an attendee's point of view was that there was never any shortage, there's nothing worse than attending an event with a drink sponsor but never actually being able to get a hold of the drink or it being limited to 1 per person. This was definitely not the case at GCFW. Models, designers, guests, make up artists and media all had one in hand!
The promo staff were friendly and knowledgeable about the product and as I had a broken toe was rather immobile, so the girls always made sure they came around to see if I needed a drink - bless xx 

Who is the 28 Black drinker? It is surely not a 15 year old BMX bike rider! 28 Black and 28 White target themselves at people 21+ - a bit more affluent, fashion aware and health conscious.

To date, nearly all the energy drinks released have all been targeted at "extreme" activities - Rockstar, Mother, Red Bull, Monster. Then of course there is V which is targeted more towards the music industries. So to have an energy drink that caters towards the creative outlets is refreshing to say the least.

There are a lot of people out there that are in need of energy, but not the kind that propels you into a backflip. Energy to meet a deadline in an advertising agency, write a review or to come up with a new conceptual design for that latest collection. People need energy and 28 Black would like to see themselves associated with everything that involves "creative energy".

I for one have used 28 White and 28 Black to get me through the late nights blogging for Gold Coast Fashion Week.

Due to the very high quality of all ingredients contained in the drink it is reassuringly expensive.

Check out their website for stockist locations.

RRP: $3.95  250ml



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