In the next part of our interview introductions in the lead up to An Old Scholar Fashion Affair on 13 April 2012, it is with great pleasure that I present you with Be Bitko. I actually had the pleasure of meeting the amazing creator behind the label, Emily Bitkow, a few months ago and was so impressed with her label and concept I'm incredibly excited to be able to now share it with you all!
Your concept "is to create gorgeous pants and shorts, and beautiful bags as a statement accessory..with an added level of practicality". How did Be Bitko come about?
Be Bitko was an idea which I was dreaming about for two years before I actually decided to take the steps to make that dream a reality 1 year ago. It all came about on a very hot summer’s day getting myself ready for yet another music festival, rummaging through my mothers bag collection to find something a bit different and unique to wear with my outfit. Something that wasn’t going to be like everyone else’s across the shoulder bag. I came across some of my mother’s old bum bags, the really old type black ugly ones. The problem with these is that they are seen as totally unfashionable and old school and there was no way in the world I would be caught wearing one!
I ended up just wearing one of my bags but tying it around my waist as a bum bag but a much more fashionable one. Everyone really liked the idea and it got me thinking why is no one bringing back the bum bag but in fashionable way. I began working on different designs of bags and from there the concept grew and evolved into what other options could I offer to women for them to carry their valuables? Which is when what we liked to call at Be Bitko, the Be-alisious bag came about. A bag attached to pants and shorts that will solve every woman’s concern or worry of losing her valuables whilst clubbing, at festivals or whilst travelling.
At the moment, your website currently only has three products available - what can we expect to see at An Old Scholar Fashion Affair?
The collection we have put together for An Old Scholar Fashion Affair is a step up from what you will find on the Be Bitko website. We have brought in some pants to cater for the winter months that are made to suit any occasion whether it is a night out with the girls, or a cocktail evening. The materials used are a mixture of linen, silk, woven cottons and heavy satins. We have also introduced some more colours to the shorts and added some more bag options. Each pant and short has been finished with bags using either sequins embroidery, upholstery or weaved printed fabrics. We have decided to finish off the outfits with cute little sleeveless front frill blouses, some plain sleeveless organza tops and have snuck in a sleeveless outrageous pink linen cape.
What have your highlights been so far?
With Be Bitko only starting 12 months ago the highlights for us have been very much internal. Seeing all the designs and the whole product concept really come to life has been a major mile stone for us. 
Photoshoots, lookbooks, interested wholesalers and publicities have all been an added extra bonus. We are really looking forward to the next 6 months as we see the seeds we have planted begin to grow.
What does the future hold for Be Bitko?
For Be Bitko it is mine and my team’s vision that the brand will be a fashion label that sets the trends of the world. We want Be Bitko to bring colour, life, energy and freedom to all people who come in contact with it. Building a Be Bitko community is very much a priority for us; everyone wants to feel that they are a part of something, to belong to something and that is what we want to create for all our customers. 
I see the product that we have created as trend taking over the world, where every girl wants to have a pair of shorts, pants or a garment with her be-alisious bag attached to keep her valuables secure. Once Be Bitko is off the ground and running successfully the vision is to begin a label called Emily Bitkow that will cater to a higher end clientele and will be more focused on custom made designs for clients. The ultimate vision it to create a fashion house.

Thanks so much Emily, can't wait to see your collection on the runway

***Ladies, I've seen the long harem pants and they are HOT HOT HOT!!!!***

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