Bondi Lifeguards and Womens Lifesavers Calendar

With limitless thanks to the lifeguards and lifesavers of Australia, proceeds from every copy sold of the Bondi Lifeguard calendar supports participating local surf clubs in the form of life saving equipment, and the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation. Sales of the Women’s Lifesavers calendar support participating local surf clubs too. Both calendars make up the Calendar Series 2012.
Every single day of the year major beaches are manned to support yourself and children alike.
The Calendar Series is an Australian Icon, a vehicle to which you can give your appreciation and thanks back to the clubs from which your lifesavers belong.
By supporting these calendars, you not only support the safety of present generations at the beach, but for many future generations to come.
‘The Calendar Series’ is the annual production of two calendars. The aim is quite specific;
Donate proceeds from every Bondi Lifeguard calendar sold to Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation and to every participating Lifesaving club across Australia so they can purchase life saving equipment.
Donate proceeds from every Women’s Lifesavers calendar sold to participating Lifesaving club across Australia.
The boys from 'Bondi Rescue TM' including Harries, Hoppo, Kerrbox and Maxi have all taken part in the male calendar with 2010 Jupiters Summer Surf Girl Paige Cooper and Nutri-Grain Ironwoman champions appearing in the female edition.

- Alyce Bennett -
"Doing something fun to raise money for such worthy causes as the Sydney Children's Hospital and Surf Life Saving Clubs really seemed like a no-brainer to me. It was the least I could do to support these important organisations considering everything they give to the community. Everyone needs a calendar- and I'd personally rather be looking at spunky lifeguards on my fridge than a phone app."
- Anthony ‘Harries’ Carroll -
I have been extremely lucky in life to be given a fantastic job saving lives, so it makes sense to me to raise much needed funds to the Sydney Children’s Hospital and our local volunteer surf lifesaving clubs. Hey if taking a shirt off can help out, why not? Hehe Please dig deep, buy your donation, you can save a life.
- Trent ‘Maxi’ Maxwell -
It’s in my nature to help people it’s what I do and I’m not going to stop. Everyone knows how special and fun your childhood is, let’s give something back to the kids at the Sydney Children’s hospital – a fun and happy time! Please donate, purchase a calendar and spread the word.

Josh Rablin - Photographer
This incredible calendar was shot by a fabulous and talented (cute and funny too) photographer who I met at last year at Komune Resort & Beach Club, he now resides down in Sydney but is gracing Gold Coast shores again from 22-29 December and is taking bookings (i've already secured my spot!) so for all your ladies who are looking at adding something a little different and stylish to your portfolio, I highly recommend contacting Josh to book a shoot. Below are just a sampling of his talents....
To contact Josh to discuss rates and availability
mobile: 0400 029 907


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