Thursday 15 Dec @ Svelt PR

Today has been a productive day so far with Akahsha and I getting a fabulous delivery of Sunnies to try out from Le Specs, Morrissey, Polaroid and Flint - How lucky are we??
But also a bit of time for dress ups of course :-)
Our hectic chaotic desk - love it!!!
Bow Necklace from Samantha Wills & Piano Ring from Paula Kyle Walden
so many cool cool sunnies - thanks Le Specs, Morrissey, Polaroid & Flint xx
Kash wearing Sequin Dress from Lucky 13
Kash modelling the gorgeous necklace, bangles and rings from Hunter's Moon
Gold Sequin Kimono from little shop in Melbourne - no label;
Earrings & Necklace - Hunter's Moon
One of my all time favourite products - Lip & Cheek Tint from Model Co,
AMAZING multi purpose product that I can't live without!


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