Nicola Finetti talks to My Gasoline Rainbow about GCFW

 High Summer Collection
In the lead up to Gold Coast Fashion Week, My Gasoline Rainbow speaks to the incredibly talented and extremely expressive Nicola Finetti, who, as one of the headlining designers is just as excited to be involved in the event as we are to have him. Here is a little Q & A as answered in his words...

We will have a more in depth chat with Nicola during Fashion Week so stay tuned.

Q. Is this your first Gold Coast Fashion week?
Yes it is. Very exciting to be involved.
Q. What do you believe defines Gold Coast style?
The sun and beaches. 
Q. Is there a piece/pieces from your collection that you feel are particularly “Gold Coast”?
I believe all pieces from the collection can be worn here (Gold Coast). Everything has a different feeling and different people can wear the collection as feelings dictate. 
Pre Fall Collection
Q. You are typically inspired by contrast - what contrasts have you observed on the Gold Coast? Are they inspirational?
Contrasts are opposite and all the time I am attracted by opposites I love snow, but sunny days give me pleasure and abandon. A person can be inspirational she is completely opposite of my sense of dressing.
Q. What is your favourite fashion season to create for?
I love to create and it does not matter the season, what matters is the creative mood.
Q. Teresa Palmer was recently snapped in one of your pieces, is there an Aussie personality that typically embodies the Nicola Finetti style?
I think  anyone and everyone can embody the Nicola Finetti style as it accentuates your personality and makes resplendent your persona.

Well Nicola, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me, you certainly do know how to capture femininity and strength and make a woman look radiant, can't wait to meet you and see your collection on the runway. See you next week!

Fall Collection
Questions by Akahsha Edwards


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