Sexy Sax Lip Review
Stepping into the shoes of a beauty editor and reviewing makeup loot for a living has always been a dream of mine.

Since joining the Svelt office, this dream has become reality- much like many other dreams of mine… feeding tigers anyone?

For my second product review, I test drove a new lip-gloss by SAX- #37 Peony.

To be honest for the past few years I haven’t been much of a lip-gloss girl, I usually use a lipstick or stain on my lips, but I was pleasantly surprised at how great my lips looked after applying this gloss!

This is a great pale pink shade that added freshness and glamour to my light daytime make up look. It also compliments the hot 60’s cat-eye style or smokey eye that I have been rocking at night.

The package mentioned that the gloss had plumping properties, but I did not feel any tingling or swelling effects that usually signals that the gloss has plumping power. That said, a slick of this gloss does make my lips look juicer and fuller.
One of the great things about the packaging of this product is that the shade of gloss is clearly visible through the transparent windows, and so is great for digging out of overstuffed bags.

I also loved the sponged application wand that came with the gloss as it ensured precision application with no sticky fingers!

From this experience I have joined the gloss gang once again- thanks SAX!

RRP $12.95

Review by Akahsha Edwards


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